I must tell you, your L cosplay is PERFECT.

I really appreciate your admiration for my depiction of him. You may find more of my cosplay for L on my deviant art gallery:http://leustante.deviantart.com

"You alone cannot change the world."

- L from Death Note

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Do you have an IMVU account? My username is 1lL and I am a developer/creator for IMVU merchandise and specialize in designing cosplay. Feel free to add my account by visiting the link below.

Click for My IMVU Profile

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A quick show-off of myself in my Victorian attire. Enjoy.

Me over 5 years ago being a freak. 

Wait, what I’m dead? Oh. That was fast.

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This is a new makeup test for my Bird Howl cosplay. A very wonderful friend of mine is highly talented with stage makeup so I let her have a try with her personal rendering of my face for Howl’s bird form. She adhered real feathers to my face using liquid latex, and blended them together with various powered makeup assortments. She also highlighted my facial features with shadowing effects, to create illusions of different bone structures and skin grooves. She did a wonderful job in my opinion, let me know what you think of it!

(Also yes, I am actually a guy xD A lot of people say my face is very feminine, I can’t help it!)

Enjoying sushi. What’s your favorite food to eat?

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Sorry folks, not more anonymous questions or messages may be sent :) And I think you know why!

I’m the one they warned you about. 

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My little guardian angel, Half-Stash 

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The photograph for my Tokyo in Tulsa charity photo shoot finally arrived! I hope  you enjoy.

Upon simply going to a thrift store with my best friend Miranda, I bought this hoodie for the intention of just having more clothes. It turns out, Miranda had a stock pile of felt from her previous projects and we both decided it would be freaking sweet if I designed a felt hoodie, dragon style :D I ended up designing a dragon for myself along the way and now I have this epic hoodie!

I want to start taking up commissions for these once I finalize it, add a little more to it, and eventually get a nice picture. If you want to reserve a commission spot or have a drawing of the character you want, just send me a message and I can put you on the waiting list! These are really fun to make. I will have images of it’s finished form as soon as it is done. 

Thank you for that truly beautiful howl cosplay. It's one of my favorite movies of all time and you really nailed it.

Thank you very much, this means a lot to me!

*coughs* *coughs* Give me a second to fangirl *cough* *cough* ;p

Hehe :)


Why did I not think to do this sooner?

We did this together. We are fancy.