Enjoying sushi. What’s your favorite food to eat?

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Sorry folks, not more anonymous questions or messages may be sent :) And I think you know why!

I’m the one they warned you about. 

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My little guardian angel, Half-Stash 

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The photograph for my Tokyo in Tulsa charity photo shoot finally arrived! I hope  you enjoy.



Love is an experience, a feeling, an urge. Love is what drives you to move on, move up, move forward. Love is the energy you feel in the morning when you think about the one that you love. Love is the connection between you and others around you. Love is not a touch or an action or a thought - It’s a state of being, it’s a mentality - a way of life, and a source for everything that you do. Love is the base and strength of your life. Love is what will bring you success and courage - it is the power within you, deep inside. Love is the reason that you exist; it is your body and your mind - your soul. Love is what you are made of, and when you are in love, you are sharing yourself - connecting yourself with the person that you love. You are love, and love is all around you. Love is that warm feeling that makes you want to snuggle, and drink hot chocolate on a rainy day. Love is in the rain, in the plants, in the air. Love is why a mother cares for her child - it’s not just because this being came from her body, it is because it came from her love - her source. This child is the living embodiment of her love, and the connection between her and who she loves. The child is the love that is created between you, and will go on beyond you, to extend your love. Like a seed that you shared with the world, it takes root, grows, grows branches, sheds leaves, and creates more seeds which will spread, and spread. The love inside all of us is shared, everywhere - this is how we are connected, it is how we all belong. Everyone is made of love and shares love, and wants love. Everyone that you know, everyone that they know, and everyone beyond, are all connected through love, through our leaves and seeds that we spread - that is love, that is life… Love is so important.. Love is why we’re here.

Upon simply going to a thrift store with my best friend Miranda, I bought this hoodie for the intention of just having more clothes. It turns out, Miranda had a stock pile of felt from her previous projects and we both decided it would be freaking sweet if I designed a felt hoodie, dragon style :D I ended up designing a dragon for myself along the way and now I have this epic hoodie!

I want to start taking up commissions for these once I finalize it, add a little more to it, and eventually get a nice picture. If you want to reserve a commission spot or have a drawing of the character you want, just send me a message and I can put you on the waiting list! These are really fun to make. I will have images of it’s finished form as soon as it is done. 

Thank you for that truly beautiful howl cosplay. It's one of my favorite movies of all time and you really nailed it.

Thank you very much, this means a lot to me!

*coughs* *coughs* Give me a second to fangirl *cough* *cough* ;p

Hehe :)


Why did I not think to do this sooner?

We did this together. We are fancy.

because why not (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
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I think that the Porrim cosplay looks great! However, I would like to say that I think with a better knowledge of camera angling, better lighting (Even though I noticed you took this during the night time.), and maybe if you changed the scenery a few times, it would have made an great impact! But still, great cosplay! It looks like the dress took some time to make, and is very beautiful. Beautiful model.

Thank you for that critique! We were actually planning on taking these photos during the daytime with a professional camera, but the sun set before we made it to the park…. and.. we could not locate camera lense to the nicer higher grade camera… Heh.. Yeah. Woops. But we will do this again, we hope, when we have the time! And of course the much needed energy to put everything back on again. 


Went and did a photoshoot at the park last night. Thanks much to http://leustante.tumblr.com/ for being photographer. =)

Happy you enjoy these photos, you make a perfect Porrim! 

What kind of games do you like? What's your favorite?

I adore Chess. I have a national ELO ranking of 2400-2550 which places me near Grandmaster ratings proceeded by Master. I have taken a lot of time in the last 10 or so years to gain a lot of knowledge of playing it and have excelled with it through that practice. I am planning to support the beginning stages of charity fundraisers by holding chess tournaments in local community stores/restaurants. Such as The Well coffee shop in Glenpool, OK. I also play Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic the Gathering (I only have a Sliver deck) and collect their cards. I have only a few decks but they are all very well worked on, in my opinion. I enjoy games with strategy that is followed by genuine social activity. In this way, I do not isolate myself with video games; I never actually gained the ability to enjoy that kind of activity. 

The only exception to my video game interests is that I grew up playing a somewhat underground Japanese game called Baten Kaitos, a Gamecube game. It is my absolute favorite video game of all time and is considerably old. The story, the artwork, has sparked so many morals in my life and perspective of the natural world. It’s gameplay is also one of a kind; very original and immersed in it’s gameplay. 

Lovely cosplay of Howl.

Thank you very much! I will have updates on changes I will be making to it in the future :)